Neck & Back Stretcher

$69.99 $140

Instant & Long Lasting Natural Relief Without Any Harmful Side Effects

Repair Your Vertebrae & Massage Tensed Muscles

No More Spending $1,000's On Lengthy, Ineffective & Painful Procedures

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Relieve Neck & Back Pain With Your In-Home Chiropractor

Are you experiencing terrible chronic or aging back or neck pain, and looking for some affordable, safer, and long-term relief for this pain?

That’s where Sound Health comes in with a highly effective, affordable, scientifically proven therapy Neck & Back Stretcher to help you live your life pain-free. Just 10 minutes of this device helps you live your life fully by fixing not just masking your Neck & Back pain. It naturally prevent or relieve chronic neck, back, & leg pain in minutes, restore a healthy posture, & avoid further injuries.

It naturally restores the optimal curvature of your spine, & retrains your muscles to maintain a healthy posture for good, thus removing the stress from the vital areas of your torso. Also stretching your neck with this stretcher reduces tension headaches & migraines. You neither need to constantly spend on harmful pain relief short-term mechanisms nor regular over priced chiropractor visits.

It is highly recommended by medical professionals and trusted by many happy Australians. Multipurpose design, effective for Chronic back pain, Neck Pain, Sciatica & pinched nerves, Disc degeneration & Herniated Disc, Spinal Stenosis & Desk Posture. Join happy Australian customers who have benefitted from this device and enjoying their pain free lives!

How The Neck & Back Stretcher Works

It is a personal physical therapist which heals your spine permanently. It uses lumbar traction to loosen up your back at an optimal 26° angle, giving your tense vertebrae a well-needed break to relax, repair, & release all the damaging pressure built-up over the years from your inflamed nerves. Naturally decompressing your spine with the  stretcher for at least 6-8 days permanently rehabilitates damaged spinal structures & muscles, alleviates pain, & fully restores your mobility.

It prevents further injuries & correct posture. The Stretcher naturally restores the optimal curvature of your spine, & retrains your muscles to maintain a healthy posture for good, thus removing the stress from the vital areas of your torso.  Stretching your neck with this stretcher reduces tension headaches & migraines.

Designed to ease stiffness & release muscular tension, It uses cleverly shaped
acupressure ridges to repair & massage away back strains & sprains. Proven to help you sleep better, deeper, and wake up more refreshed & focused. Unlike soft, rolled-up towels (which don't help), It has firm, premium foam ridges to support your back at the optimal angle for as long as you lie down on it, applying therapeutical pressure to your muscles. 


✅ Natural Long-Lasting Pain Relief Without Any Harmful Side Effects

✅ Multi Functional Benefits i.e. Muscle Relaxation, Posture Correction, & Spine Decompression

✅ Save $1,000’s On Overpriced Therapy, Harmful Painkillers, Painful shots

✅ Heals Your Spine Permanently And Repair Back Strains & Sprains

✅ Stretching Your Neck Reduces Tension, Headaches & Migraines

✅ All In 1 Device Suitable For Back, Neck, Sciatica, and SI Joint & Hip Pain

✅ Lightweight & Easy To Use, Can Be Used On The Floor, Bed, Or Chair

✅ Fast Delivery From Australia & 100% Customer Satisfaction

✅ Risk Free - 14 Day Money Back Guarantee 

Why You Should Treat Your Back/Neck Pain On Time

It is evident that if the back discomfort is not handled on time then it would not only result in severe unbearable pain but can lead to more serious issues like disc damage, compressed nerves, a reliance on pain killers and in some cases, high risk surgery. Using our Stretcher restores the natural curvature of the back, reverses years of damage and eliminates chronic back pain in just 10 minutes a day.

Our Stretcher is the latest generation device designed to give you the best results with no time.

Feel Safe With A 14 Day Money Back Guarantee 


We are Australia’s leading Health Care Supplies store, feel free to contact us within 14 days of arrival and receive a FULL REFUND! 

Product Specifications

The Neck & Back Stretcher is made from high-quality EVA foam, which is soft but durable enough to handle your weight. It features 109 massage points that provide relief by decompressing and realigning your spine. Lightweight & portable design makes it your perfect travel buddy, so use it anywhere you go.

Material : EVA Foam

Dimension: 13 in x 9.65 in x 3.74 in

Colour: Pink, Grey, Blue

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